Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Of Making A Plan(ner)

Did I overwhelm you with everything yesterday?  I had hoped to fit all of this in one post, but I was worried you might run away, screaming at all I was sharing.  Now for the rest of the planner! 

The back of the planner wraps up with a few brain-storming boxes: "Big Home Projects", "Christmas Card Verses", "New Year's Resolutions for 2014", & "Things On Loan".  I'll probably adapt these as the year rolls on...those were just the ideas I could think of having a place for on January 1st.

"2014 Calendar": I used to create a full year calendar jpg and add to the back of the planner.  This will help me to quickly glance when dates fall next year.

"Vacation Ideas & Fun for 2014": Hubby & I hope to see all 50 US states by the time we've been married 50 years.  We've seen almost 20 states and we've been married almost 17 years.  Most of those state vacations have been the past 3 years.  I can jot down specific destinations I hear in passing and come to this spot next year to review ideas.  Also, when I hear the boys mention "I've always wanted to go to ____" or "I wish I could see ____", this is the place to jot it down!

"2014 Organizational Goals": More organizing!  Just in case I don't stay on top of everything in 2013, I can jot it down here!

I've read through the Bible in a year before, but wanted to try it a different way this time.  I'm reading the Bible chronologically following a plan created on One Year Bible's website here. I'm also jotting notes as I go with a key word or subject to remember the passage.

Now we're near the end...finally!  When I bound the pages together, I included this working "Family Home Project" list I used last year from  So many things didn't get checked off, so I wanted to include it here for reference.  These are items that I'll include when I make my monthly "Organizational Goals" or "Things to Make Time For" lists.

Here are the rest of the pages for your downloading pleasure!

End of Planner Page 2: 2014 Calendar, Organizational Goals, & More (Right Side)

 End of Planner: Chronological Plan to Read Through The Bible

"Our Family Home Projects" from iHeartOrganizing found on the Free Printables here

I think that just about wraps it up!  Look for the blank monthly calendar pages in the weeks to come (at least before February hits!).

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