Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Labels

Each apothecary jar in our kitchen holds a yummy Valentine treat: M-n-M's, conversation hearts, & red licorice.  A cute & easy way to add a sweet touch of love for Valentine's Day was for me to add these labels from the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 

Click on the link above (not the image) to save the file then print.  Simply cut the images with a scallop or circle punch, then add the labels to any jar or container.  You can even glue one to the front of a Valentine card for that special someone.  I also provided the directions to make each label layered with cupcake liners or baking cups that you can find on the baking aisle at your grocery store.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hop To It!

One of the best parenting books that I've read to date is Lisa Welchel's Creative Correction.  Not only is it full of Biblical parenting wisdom, it shares creative and practical ideas you can use in disciplining your children.  We've used the ideas shared in the book to help end an argument and solve the problems in the never ending saga of sibling rivalry.  Well...this weekend, we added another strategy.
We've watched this clip numerous times.  I have no idea why they are hopping...It could be a hoax for all I know.  What I do know is that we start laughing the minute they start hopping.  So that got me thinking...
Big Guy & Middle Man couldn't agree on something Saturday morning.  Voices were raised and the alarm of "MOM!" was sounded.  After calling the perpetrators down to the kitchen, I told them to start hopping.  What?!?  The look on their faces was priceless!  
"Yep, if you two want to keep arguing, then keep hopping."  
Even Little Buddy joined in on the hopping...and he wasn't even a part of the disagreement!  Within 15 seconds, they were tired (which makes it hard to argue when you're out of breath!) and laughing (which makes it EVEN harder to argue when you're laughing!).  I don't think they even remembered what they were arguing about at that point.  
Then yesterday, we were out and about as a family.  An argument ensued between Little Buddy & Middle Man.  "Start hopping" was all I had to say.  We got quite a few looks in the middle of the parking lot as each held his foot and hopped while working the problem out.  
Maybe hopping to work out a disagreement will start to spread.  We might even see it on the next presidential debate!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have to admit...I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Ideas abound on this wonderful piece of the web.  The only problem is that I spend a lot more time "pinning" than doing! 
A fun idea that I pinned recently is some heart shaped cinnamon rolls found at "Poppies At Play":

What a cute way to show the boys my love!  Not just that they are the shape of a heart, but they're OoOEy, GooEY SwEEtNesS!  One small problem...I don't have 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning to make cinnamon rolls from scratch.  So, I took the easy way out and bought that little, giggly doughboy and his super big cinnamon rolls in the can.  Here's the quick instructions on how to make these yummy treats.

Open the cinnamon roll can, keeping the raw rolls in a circle shape.  Then, start unrolling one end of the circle-shaped cinnamon roll and re-rolling it to create the heart.  Our youngest son watched in fascination and thought this was so takes very little to fascinate this child!

Simply bake and follow the can's instructions, cover with the can's icing, and add some sprinkles (EvERythINg tastes better with sprinkles!).  In 20 minutes, these little cuties are done!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's Brace Ourselves!

Our 12-year-old, Big Guy, had a huge change today: BRACES!  Initially, I think he was excited for this day to come.  His orthodontist feels the best plan of action is to use an apparatus called the "Herbst Appliance" (photo and info here).  At our appointment today, Big Guy only had the top braces "installed".  He'll go back in a few weeks to have the bottom piece of the appliance put in, then receives the arms of the Herbst Appliance (they look more like shock absorbers to me!) next month. 
By bedtime tonight, the excitement has worn down.  Big Guy said that he can't wait to get his braces off.  Um, dude, you've only had them on for 8 hours!  This may be a long, long road full of many chocolate milk shakes and Advil...for both of us! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Check that Date!

My sweet sister-in-law told me about this a few years ago and I thought it was so simple and smart.  At the start of each new year, she fills in the new year's number on the date line of her next five checks...just the year number (i.e. "12").  That way when she writes a check, she doesn't mess up and write last year's number...then scribble it out...then rewrite this year's number. 
I just got my next five checks ready.  Of course, I hardly write checks might be July before I get to the fifth check!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Look For The New Year

All he wants for New Year's is NO front teeth!  Little Buddy lost his first top tooth last night at our New Years Eve celebration while playing in a Nerf battle (the gun actually hit his mouth...not a Nerf bullet).  After running downstairs, he asked for me to pull it out.  That was around 10:30 PM. 
Then this morning, just 12 hours later, he started working and working on the other top tooth.  Again, he came and begged me to pull it out.  Just a paper towel and a steady pull later, he lost his second top tooth.  He can't wait to go back to school tomorrow and have his friends guess what's missing!

Happy New Blog! we go!  My New Year's resolution is to start blogging.  I really have no idea where this journey will take us.  Maybe I'll blog about the bazillion projects I want to do and try...maybe I'll share some family recipes...or maybe I'll just share what's on my heart.  Who knows?!?  I can't wait to see what happens!  Happy New Year!